New Development Underway in Burnley
New Development Underway in Burnley

Kirkwells have been supporting Burnley Council in their regeneration of the south western part of the Borough. Over 150 homes are expected to be built in the area by developer Keepmoat.

A report to make a compulsory purchase order will be presented to the Council’s Executive on the 13th of December, 2011. Steve Tilly, from Burnley Council’s housing and regeneration team said:

 “The proposed redevelopment of this site will deliver a wider variety of housing in terms of size, type and tenure in order to create a more balanced housing market and help develop a more mixed, inclusive and sustainable community.”

To bring about the redevelopment compulsory purchase powers are being used by the Council. Kirkwells have supported this by acting as the Council’s planning advisors and preparing the case for compulsory purchase.

Michael Wellock, Director, Kirkwells said:

“The housing regeneration of South West Burnley is well underway. Compulsory purchase is a vital tool in supporting difficult regeneration projects. Kirkwells’ have been providing specialist advice to Burnley Council to secure over 150 new homes.”

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