Michael Wellock, Kirkwells Director, writes a regular blog piece for burnley.co.uk, in his latest piece Michael talks about the challenges for the town thrown up by Localism.

“In these tough economic times the places that do well will be the ones that can do things for themselves. OK, we have had a lot of help from central government and others over the years. But we also have a long history of making things happen ourselves. And that is because of the talent, imagination and in-built tradition of hard work you find in Burnley.”

Things that in Michael’s opinion have been evident in the long and proud history of Burnley:

“Take the old Prestige factory. Now converted successfully for other uses. How many people know the Council broke the law in the 1930s to help build the factory to help create jobs in the Great Depression?”

To read Michael’s full piece click here.

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