Twelve lucky towns will receive a share of £1 million in government funding for their town centre or high street.

This follows on from Mary Portas’ review of the high street. One of the key recommendations in this report was that town’s should form town teams. These teams would bring together all the key players with an interest in a town centre. Town teams would be:

“visionary, strategic and strong operational management teams for high streets”

Bids are now invited from towns that would like to pilot the town team initiative. Bids should include a short video.

Funding of up to £100,000 is available for each bid to be successful you will have to have, or be able to demonstrate:

  • an accountable body or local authority to receive the grant;
  • a lead partner capable of articulating your vision and demonstrating strong support from the local community and a wide range of local partners.
  • commitment from retailers, landlords, local council and community;
  • a potential for improvement; and
  • innovation.

So if you would like to plan for the future of your town or high street and you need help putting together your bid call 01282 872570 to find out Kirkwells can help you.

And don’t forget bids need to be in by the 30th of March 2012.

Download the Prospectus and application form from the DCLG web site.




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