Northumberland County Council are consulting on the Issues and Options stage of their Core Strategy.

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Until the 15th of August 2012 views are being sought on the document that will set out the spatial strategy for Northumberland over the next 15 years.

The Issues and Options document poses a series of questions.

  • Should strategic development continue with the existing approach, plan for lower rates of development, or have targeted increases in development?
  • Should the spatial distribution of development be concentrated in key settlements, be more dispersed, or concentrated in key settlements plus targeted growth? If the latter is chosen this would mean additional growth and development would be focused in Blyth, Cramlington, Ashington and Morpeth, with consideration given to Green Belt reviews around Hexham, Ponteland and Prudhoe.
  • A wide range of housing figures are looked at for the period 2011-2030. At the lower end 14,440 homes at the higher 24,090.
  • Should the Core Strategy set a local target for the redevelopment of brownfield land, local policy on the development of gardens and a 30% target for affordable housing?
  • Should the Core Strategy plan for the range of 293 to 317 hectares of employment land?
  • The Core Strategy also proposes the de-allocation of some former employment sites e.g. at the Blyth Estuary Renewable Energy Zone.

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To view the Issues and Options document click here.


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