Derbyshire Dales have started a six week consultation on where 4,400 new homes should be built up to 2028.

The 4,400 new homes will be allocated in the forthcoming Derbyshire Dales Local Plan.

To meet the target provisional distributions have been earmarked:

  • 270 new homes in Matlock;
  • 60 in Wirksworth;
  • 160 in Darley Dale;
  • 30 in Tansley;
  • 400 in Ashbourne;
  • 50 in Doveridge; and
  • 50 in Brailsford

As part of this consultation revised Settlement boundaries have also been identified. In principle within these boundaries development will be acceptable.

Are you concerned about future housing in Derbyshire Dales?

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Call 01282 872570 , or Email Michael.

To view the housing options and proposed settlement boundaries click here.


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