South Tyneside Council is looking to prepare a new Local Plan. 

To kick off this development plan preparation process South Tyneside Council are undertaking a comprehensive Strategic Land Review (SLR) of the borough.

All people interested in the future of South Tyneside, whether as landowners, agents,  potential developers, community groups or individuals are being asked to put forward sites that they think should be considered for future development.

These sites would help meet South Tyneside’s housing, employment, retail, leisure and recreational needs in either the short-term (1-5 years), medium-term (5-10 years) or long-term (10-20 years).  Sites can be previously-developed ‘brownfield’ land or previously-undeveloped ‘greenfield’ in nature.

Do you own or know of a site in South Tyneside suitable for development? If you do and you want to promote that site with help from RTPI planners  email or call:

01282 872570

Note: There is no need to re-submit sites that have already been submitted and assessed through the previous LDF process or as part of previous SHLAAs or Employment Land studies, as these will automatically be included and reviewed within the SLR.

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