Never one’s to shy away from having a bit of fun, and with the end of the year in sight, Planning Minister Nick Boles has given us a great idea: The Kirkwells’ Pig Ugly Awards.

What, you may well be saying? Well, our Planning Minister introduced a key new term in to the architectural lexicon. One to sit alongside Prince Charles’s  “monstrous carbuncle”: pig ugly.

So just how far do you have to sink to get the Minister’s Pig Ugly Award?

Nick Boles’ benchmark is, step forward, Harrison’s Wharf, in Purfleet. We make no comment:

Harrison’s Wharf, Purfleet (Source)


So to celebrate all that is pig ugly in the world of planning, architecture and design we have decided to hold the inaugural PIG UGLY AWARDS. All entries please by 31st of December, 2012, to – we are sure you will have many.

There will be a bottle of something nice for the best entry.



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