One thing that frightens many of the parish and town councils we talk to about neighbourhood planning is the potential cost. Often they start off by saying “Well, we like the idea but the cost will run in to tens of thousands.”

We are not sure where this has come from. Scaremongering? Misinformation?

Wherever this comes from, our view is that for most neighbourhood plans the costs will be in the range of £4,000 to £15,000, rather than the hundred thousand mark. We can say this from our experience working on a variety of plans in a number of areas.

We can also say this because we offer our expert planning advice at specially reduced rates to parish and town councils and neighbourhood forums. Expert services that help you put a statutory neighbourhood plan in place at a price you can afford.

To find out more get a copy of our new neighbourhood planning brochure. Call Michael or Louise on 01282 872570 or email.


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