The Town and Country Planning (Hearings and Inquiries Procedure) (England) (Amendment) Rules 2013 and the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Amendment No. 2) (England) Regulations 2013 (Listed Buildings Regulations 2013) both came into force on 1st October 2013.

The main changes include

  • ¬†introduction of ‘common ground statements’ for hearings
  • a mandatory requirement for all evidence to be provided prior to an inquiry, including a list of documents that parties intend to use to support their case
  • the need for a full statement of case to be submitted (including appeal statements and supporting documents) during the six-month ‘window’ in which appeals can be made
  • ability for the local authority to see the appellant’s full case before submitting their comments
  • other minor alterations to timescales and procedures

The overall aim is for the appeals process to become more transparent and efficient, resulting in earlier decisions and determinations.¬† Appellant businesses, parish councils, charities and voluntary bodies are likely to feel a positive impact, via (depending on the appeal’s outcome) resultant time-savings and earlier development/exit opportunities.

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