OK, so it is pantomime season, but last week we were not expecting to be accused of “dressing up” at a Core Strategy examination.

But that is exactly what happened to Kirkwells, Managing Director, Michael Wellock.

Representing Hartshill Parish Council at the examination in to the North Warwickshire Core Strategy┬áMichael was accused, by consultants representing a large landowner, of “dressing up” the Parish’s representations.

Forgive us, but that is what we thought we, as expert planning professionals, were paid to do. In this instance, help Hartshill articulate their concerns that North Warwickshire’s proposed strategy was wrong and identified too much future housing for Hartshill.

It seems that Hartshill, by having the temerity to appoint paid professional planners, just like most of the landowners and developers at the examination had done, had done the unthinkable – and challenged the big players. Perhaps Hartshill should have stayed at home and let the development industry get on with it?

Er, no. As Michael pointed out:

“Hartshill Parish Council had just as much right to be around that examination table as any one else. And to be accused of “dressing up” local views misses the point. Hartshill, indeed, any parish council, has just as much right as any big landowner to seek out the best planning advice, the type of advice Kirkwells provide, to help get their viewpoint across, and protect the interests of local people.”

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The examination continues this week (w/b 13/1/14).







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