That was the upshot of an increased support package offered by Government to local planning authorities.

In a letter to chief planning officers the Department of Communities and Local Government are offering a greater support package to help local councils support neighbourhood planning. This includes £5 million for new neighbourhood planning designations in 2013/2014. So at £5,000 for very designation that is potentially a further 1,000 neighbourhood planning areas across the country.

In the same letter the government also announced a three stage payment system to help local councils support communities in their neighbourhood planning work:

  • a first payment of £5,000 following designation of the neighbourhood planning area – capped at £5 million in 2013/2014;
  • a second payment of £5,000 when the local planning authority publicises the neighbourhood plan prior to examination; and
  • a third payment of £20,000 to made on successful completion of the neighbourhood planning examination.

From our work with many parished and non-parished areas we know this funding should go some way to helping local councils support those communities thinking of preparing a neighbourhood plan. Indeed, it may be just the little nudge local councils need to support many communities we deal with who are thinking of preparing a neigbourhood plan but just do not think enough support has been in place.

Kirkwells are working with a number of neighbourhoods across the UK on neighbourhood plans. We know how difficult and daunting this process can seem and offer easy to understand technical advice at specially reduced rates for parishes and community groups.

We also offer FREE Neighbourhood Plan training, and a regular news update Neighbourhood Planning News.

If you are considering preparing a neighbourhood plan for your area and need to discuss how Kirkwells could help your area call us now on 01282 872570. 

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