Well, if like us you had been expecting today’s big announcement to be about neighbourhood plan funding you are in for a disappointment.

DCLG Ministers had said that the “support programme for neighbourhood planning will be launched on the 15th of April 2013”. (see our previous post).

Clearly a lot can happen in a month, because today we really do not know much more.

The “full information” we were promised amounts to this and a side of A4 of grant application questions.

OK. Too early to gripe, but not the best of starts. And don’t think you can jump the gun and get in there early – applications made before 1st of May will not be processed.

So for those of you who have been in touch on this issue, and those who have been seeking our support, what now? Well for the time being we can carry on getting ready, but we will have to hang on for the formal “formal” launch. Why? Because, in our view, there is no point trying to second guess this one, and wasting effort.

Do you need expert help with your neighbourhood plan or in your bid for funding call Louise or Michael on 01282 872570 or email.



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