We know a number of you have been concerned by some of the headlines you have read about the grant support funding provided by DCLG through Locality – see Planning.

Let us reassure you.

This is a bit of a good news, bad news story. The really good news is that the grant programme is unaffected. So if you want to secure up to £7,000 to support your neighbourhood plan work there is nothing stopping you.

The other good news is that the desire to neighbourhood plan continues to grow and demand for some elements of Locality’s direct support are over-subscribed – so groups wishing to apply for this type of help may have to wait longer than expected – currently until February 2014.

If you want help with your application to Locality for neighbourhood plan funding call us on 01282 872570. To find out more about our neighbourhood planning services click here. Or request a copy of our Neighbourhood Planning Services brochure.

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