Neighbourhoods, parishes and community groups

Kirkwells have worked with numerous neighbourhood, parish, community and voluntary groups over the years.

So, if you are embarking on a neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order, looking at community right to build, seeking to develop a community asset, or responding to a Council or developer consultation we can work with you to identify your needs and help you plan for the future.

If you support and advice in planning for the future of your area call us on 01282 872570, or email Michael.

If you need assistance preparing a planning application, regeneration or sustainability proposal, or preparing a bid for funding Kirkwells can assist and support you in this work. Our background, knowledge and expertise mean we know how difficult it can be for the community and voluntary sector to deal with professionals and their jargon. We will help you understand the jargon and negotiate any unfamiliar red tape to get the right planning result for you.

And if you ever feel outgunned – our experts can help you even up up the odds so you face a fairer fight.

Kirkwells realise money is always tight for community and voluntary groups and we will always be happy to discuss working within your budget and, if necessary, we can try and accommodate your needs by working at a reduced fee rate. Each year we seek to put something back and a limited number of projects each year are supported free of charge.

For a discussion of your current needs and how Kirkwells can help you contact Michael Wellock on 01282 872570, or email Mick.



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