Rural councils should re-think their planning policies to make them more supportive of  the conversion of farm buildings in to affordable housing.  Councils are also urged to take in to account affordable housing when assessing individual planning applications.

Do you want to seek a change in your council’s policies, or convert farm buildings to affordable residential homes? If you do, and need advice email Mick or Claire, or telephone 01282 872570.

The Government signalled this change in policy in response to a Parliamentary Select Committee. The full response can be read below:

“The Department for Communities and Local Government are promoting “Home on the Farm” which encourages farmers and local councils to work together to secure the conversion of redundant and underused farm buildings to deliver affordable homes for local people.

Planning authorities in rural areas with high demand for homes may want to consider amending their local planning polices to support the change of use of farm buildings to affordable homes where these are considered inappropriate for employment use, or take the need for affordable homes into account in assessing individual applications.

Affordable homes provided through ‘Home on the Farm’ will provide affordable homes for those eligible, which could include retired farmers and current farm workers.”

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