On Thursday July 23rd voters chose to say “yes” to the Branston Neighbourhood Plan becoming part of East Staffordshire’s  Development Plan.

80.5% of those voting said “Yes”  (599 people) and 19.5% (145 people) voted “No”.

Kirkwells supported Branston Parish Council in preparing the Neighbourhood Plan.

Kirkwells have helped over 50 areas with neighbourhood planning. Covering everything from designation through to referendum.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your neighbourhood plan call Michael on 01282 872570.


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With the help of Kirkwells the Whitnash Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has now published its draft plan and is seeking comments.

The draft consultation period is between 1st October 2014 and 5pm, Wednesday 12th November 2014.

To view the plan visit the following link:

Draft Whitnash Neighbourhood Plan Autumn 2014

If you need help and support to draft your neighbourhood plan – call Michael or Louise on 01282 872570 or email.

Kirkwells have helped with a number of neighbourhood plans across the country. Our experience covers everything from helping you decide should you prepare a plan or not, right through to referendum.

To find out more about our neighbourhood planning service click here or request a brochure.





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Chaddesley Corbett’s Neighbourhood Plan has been approved at referendum.

In just over 12 months, Kirkwells have helped the Parish Council get their Neighbourhood Plan to this all important stage.

The referendum  was held on Thursday 11 September 2014. The question which was asked in the referendum was:

‘Do you want Wyre Forest District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Chaddesley Corbett to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

There were 328 votes cast in total, of which 265 (81%) were in favour of the plan, to 62 (19%) votes against the plan.  One ballot paper was rejected and the turnout was 27.8%.

Kirkwells Director Louise Kirkup said:

” In a little over 12 months we have helped the Steering Group to really get things moving. Now the plan has got a yes vote a referendum it will soon be made part of the development plan – giving local people more power over future development in their area.”

If you need expert help to get your neighbourhood plan to referendum call Kirkwells now on 01282 872570 or email Louise.

To find  out more about our neighbourhood planning services click here, or request a brochure.

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The Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan will go to Referendum on Thursday 11 September 2014.

If more people vote ‘yes’ than ‘no’ in this Referendum, then Wyre Forest District Council will use the Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in Chaddesley Corbett.

Kirkwells supported Chaddesley Corbett in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan by helping to draft the Plan, prepare the Consultation Statement and Basic Condition Statement. All this in 12 months!

Although about a thousand areas have started to prepare Neighbourhood Plans only around 20 have reached Referendum stage.

There are many reasons for these delays. The most common reasons are lack of time, the complex issues to be tackled in the plan and the difficult process to be followed. But Kirkwells with the experience of working on over 30 neighbourhood plans can help you to get things moving.

So if you want to get your Neighbourhood Plan moving towards to referendum stage and start taking charge of the future planning of your area why not call Louise or Michael on 01282 872570 or email Michael.


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Bryning with Warton Neighbourhood Plan Front Cover Bryning with Warton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, with the support of Kirkwells, have put forward an alternative growth scenario for the future of the village.

Faced with Fylde Borough Council, and developer proposals, for in excess of 1,000 new homes that would double the size of the village the Steering Group, working to the Parish Council, have put forward an alternative growth scenario.

This growth scenario would see over 460 new homes built in the village up to 2030. The Plan also has various proposals to mitigate the impact of this development; secure more employment opportunities; and protect and enhance the village centre.

You can see the plan and supporting documents here.

To find out more about how Kirkwells can help you shape the future development of where you live call Michael or Claire on 01282 872570, or email.


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Branston Neighbourhood PlanThe Branston Neighbourhood Plan has been published for six weeks of public consultation.

Branston, in East Staffordshire, is faced with massive development pressure over the next twenty years.

Proposals for up to 4,000 new homes are in the offing. The Branston Neighbourhood Plan does not seek to stop this development. Instead it seeks to ensure the new development is well integrated with the existing community; that some of the benefits of this development go to the existing community; and, that any impacts are minimised.

If your community is facing severe development pressure, and you are considering using neighbourhood planning as a way of making the best of this, but think you need expert, technical support, call Michael or Louise on 01282 872570 or email.

To find out more about the Branston plan click here.

Kirkwells are country’s leading independent town planning consultants supporting communities in the preparation of neighbourhood plans.




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The Stretton Neighbourhood Plan has reached draft plan stage.

Published for a six week consultation the Stretton Neighbourhood Plan Draft and the Draft Screening Report for Environmental Assessment are available to view here,

If you need help or support to produce your neighbourhood plan call Michael or Louise on o1282 872570. Or email for a copy of our neighbourhood planning services brochure.

Providing support to more than 20 areas, Kirkwells are the country’s leading independent, chartered town planners, supporting communities in the preparation of plans for the future of their neighbourhood.

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With the support of Kirkwells the Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Wyre Forest District Council. 

Wyre Forest District Council is now responsible for holding a six week publication period this will be followed by an independent examination to make sure the Neighbourhood Plan meets the Basic Conditions of the Localism Act.

The Publication period will run from Monday 14th April to Tuesday 27th May 2014.

The Publication period of neighbourhood planning involves pulling together a number of documents, including:

  • Basic Condition Statement
  • Consultation Statement
  • Sustainability Appraisal Scoping

If you need help or advice to get your neighbourhood plan ready for submission to your local council contact Louise on 01282 872570 or email.

Kirkwells are the leading independent chartered town planning consultancy supporting communities with their neighbourhood plans; having worked, or working on over 20 neighbourhood plans.

To see the documents submitted along with the Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan visit the Wyre Forest web site.


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Kirkwells neighbourhood plan training will hit the road again at the end of March. Our next stop on the 29th of March 2014 is Herefordshire. Working in conjunction with the Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC) Kirkwells will be presenting our unique, independent take on neighbourhood planning.

Covering everything from answering the all important question is neighbourhood planning right for you? To putting together your plan, dealing with your local council and engaging your local community. This training offers an independent, insider’s view on neighbourhood planning. Here is what some previous delegates thought:

“Excellent – well structured and well presented”

“very interesting day and very informative”

“Openness to ongoing questions very helpful”

If you are a HALC member and want to find out more or book a place click here.

If you would like to book a training session for your Local Association of Councils just contact Michael or Louise on 01282 872570 or email.

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From 3rd of March 2014 to 14th of April 2014 the Horninglow and Eton Neighbourhood Plan is out for its first six week period of formal consultation.

One of the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning Frontrunners, Kirkwells have been helping the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Parish Council develop the policies and proposals for the plan. This follows hot on our work with Chaddesley Corbett who completed this stage earlier this week.

Kirkwells are now working with over 20 communities preparing neighbourhood plans.

To find out more about how Kirkwells can help you with your neighbourhood plan request a copy of our neighbourhood planning brochure, or call Michael or Louise on 01282 872570.

Need to find out more about neighbourhood planning? Why not book one of our FREE training sessions.



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Burnley Local Plan Issues and Options January 2014 CoverBurnley Council is consulting until the 31st of March 2014 on Issues and Options for the Borough’s new Local Plan.

Burnley’s Local Plan: Issues and Options looks at four potential future options for the development of Burnley:

Option 1 — Focus on the Existing Built Up Area
Option 2— Focus on Public Transport Corridors
Option 3— Focus on Economic Growth
Option 4— No Local Planning Framework

And then looks at how these four scenarios could be met by identifying sites for particular uses (housing, employment, mixed uses, retail); and by setting out options for development management policies.

When complete the new Burnley Local Plan will set the planning framework for the next 15 years.

This is a key consultation for those who own, or want to develop land, and for local communities – now is the time to get your views across – whether that is to promote a site that will help the growth and regeneration of the town, or to whether you want to shape the future of your local community.

To get expert help – Kirkwells staff have been involved for many years in the planning of Burnley including previous Burnley Local Plans – call Michael on 01282 872570 or email,




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