Cliviger Wind Farm

Cliviger Wind Farm (Senor Pep!)

The purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable development. Sustainable means ensuring better lives for ourselves don’t mean worse lives for future generations. Development means growth.

Are looking to grow your business in a sustainable way?

Do you have a development proposal and need expert advice on sustainability issues?

Call 01282 872570 to find out how we can help you.

At Kirkwells we only do well planned, high quality sustainable development. The type of development we all want—development that creates great places. Whether that means redeveloping a difficult brownfield site, or protecting beautiful countryside.

To help you make make your development sustainable we offer a range of services:

  • Sustainable development advice to support your planning application
  • Sustainability Appraisal
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Policy Development
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment
  • Low cost training for your officers, staff and councillors.

To find out more about our sustainable development services call David Hortin on 01282 872 570, or download our leaflet.


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