New Homes, Grey Street, Daneshouse

New Homes, Grey Street, Daneshouse

Burnley councillors are to consider proposals for the compulsory purchase and demolition of a number of properties in the Daneshouse area. Kirkwells have been providing the council with advice on planning and compulsory purchase.

Property to be demolished on Abel Street

Property to be demolished on Abel Street

The move will allow further redevelopment of the area and make way for new homes to be built in their place as part of the borough-wide housing regeneration plan.

The properties being considered are on land broadly to the east of Abel Street and north of Hurtley Street.

A planning application by the council’s development partner Gleeson Homes to redevelop this site with 133 homes was approved at the end of May, and the report going to this month’s Executive will enable this work to proceed.

The planned housing will be varied in terms of size and type. As well as improving the overall neighbourhood, the report states that the redevelopment will help create a more balanced housing market in the area.

Councillor Howard Baker, the Executive member responsible for housing and the environment, said:

‘these proposals show that we are committed to making good on the promises that the Council has made to local communities’.

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