East Staffordshire is consulting on a new Local Plan. East Staffordshire Local Plan

The East Staffordshire Local Plan will set the planning framework for new homes, employment and community facilities, as well as ensuring the protection of the historic and natural environment up to 2031.

To deliver growth the Council has looked at a series of options. The preferred option, “Option 2d”, would see sustainable urban extensions south of Burton-upon-Trent and west of Uttoxeter.

In total, this would see 3,900 new homes in Burton and 1,050 in Uttoxeter. Over 75% of these new homes would be on greenfield sites. 31 hectares of employment land are proposed.

The consultation runs until the 21st of September 2012.

Once complete the East Staffordshire Local Plan will set the planning framework to 2031. This will affect anyone living, working, or owning land and property in the area.

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Copies of the East Staffordshire consultation documents can be found here.


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