The Government are consulting on proposals to streamline information requirements for planning applications.  The consultation is open for a 10 week period ending on 11 September 2012. We summarise the main points below.

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The Killian Pretty Review in 2008 recommended that information requirements for all planning applications should be made clearer, simpler and more proportionate.  A range of changes were made and planning application validation requirements were made much clearer.  Concerns still persists in the business sector about disproportionate information requirements.

The changes the Government are proposing intend to go further than what has already been done, particularly for Outline planning applications.


The paper seeks views on two sets of changes to secondary legislation and one change to the standard application form as follows:

  • Proposal A – Reduce the nationally prescribed information requirements for outline applications by removing requirements to provide information in relation to layout and scale where those matters are reserved for future approval.
  • Proposal B – Introduce strong encouragement for local planning authorities to frequently review their local information requirements for validation of planning applications (i.e every two years).
  • Proposal C – Amalgamate standard application forms for agricultural land declarations and ownership certificates to reduce confusion when submitting an application. 

To view the full consultation document please click here.


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