Cheshire East Local Plan LogoCheshire East Council is consulting on the latest stage of Local Plan preparations. 

Until 26th of February 2013 interested parties have an opportunity to comment on:

  • The Council’s proposed Development Strategy;
  • Policy Principles Document;
  • Sustainability Appraisal; and
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment.

The Council’s proposed Development Strategy is for a minimum of 300 hectares of land to be provided for business, general industrial, storage and warehousing uses over the period 2012-2030. And for land to be made available to provide 27,000 homes over the same twenty year period.

This consultation is important in that it will feed in to the drafting of Cheshire East’s all-important Local Plan document.

If the future development of Cheshire East affects you, and you need expert help to respond to this consultation email Michael, or call

01282 872570  

Copies of all the consultation documents can be found here.



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