In the Government’s on-going battle with planning red tape the need to set out building locations, widths, lengths and upper and lower heights in outline planning applications has been removed.

This move, coming into force on 31 January 2013, will be welcome news for anyone wanting to establish if a development is acceptable in principle and should speed up decisions and reduce costs for outline applications.

In introducing the move DCLG said “that local planning authorities are better placed to judge the information required on a site-by-site basis”.

Unfortunately, many outline planning applications had become as detailed and expensive as full applications. This new move should ease that burden. Now those who are seeking to establish if a development is acceptable without going to the full trouble of preparing a full application, and incurring the cost of architect and other fees will be able to test the water with outline planning applications that have, local planning authorities willing, a much lower burden of detail.

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