The CABE team at the Design Council, the Landscape Institute, the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA) have jointly produced an update to the industry standard best practice document ‘Design Review, Principles and Practice.

The publication of the National Planning Policy Framework on March 2012 reinforced the role of Design Review in ensuring high standards of design in all new developments.

The key changes in the new Design Review Guidance include

  • A revision of the 10 principles of design review which are now firmly the focus of the document
  • A restructuring of the document to focus on outlining the principles that should constitute core planning guidance on design review, followed by clear concise and accessible advice on how to deliver them
  • The role of design review in light of the National Planning Policy Framework and the importance attached to the use of design review arrangements at a national and local level

The review process helps developers by reducing risks and the costs of delay in the planning system that can result from inadequate design quality and draws attention to changes that could significantly raise the overall quality of the proposals in cost effective ways

Leaving design review until the planning application stage is too late and can result in costly delays to a scheme.

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