That’s right. 

There are only three places in Lancashire taking control of their future and preparing neighbourhood plans. 

This may be down to lack of information, time or money.

We can answer the information question. We run FREE neighbourhood planning training. Some of you have taken advantage of this already. You may want a refresher. To book a session call us on 01282 872570 or email

We can also help with the time and money questions. At Kirkwells we offer parish and town councils special reduced rates on all our independent, expert neighbourhood planning services. Our attached leaflet explains these in more detail. 

Kirkwells are probably the country’s leading experts on neighbourhood planning advising some of the Government’s frontrunners, and a number of other areas.

If you are in need of support and would like to find out more about how Kirkwells could assist you just call me on 01282 872570 or email .

And if you are wondering about the holes in the road… …The GuardianNotes and Queries.


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