Eric Pickles

RSS Abolition: Took a Lot Longer Than He Wanted

Originally outlined in the Coalition Programme for Government in May 2010 the death of regional plans (Regional Spatial Strategies) has been a slow and painful one.

Eric Pickles first tried to see off regional plans in a letter to local planning authorities in May 2010. Only to be challenged in the courts by Cala Homes. This legal process finally running out of steam in May 2011. Next up it was found abolition needed separate strategic environmental assessments for each regional plan. Now abolition of all the regional plans is all but complete.

With some relief Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said:

“This government is committed to localism and greater local decision-making in planning. The flawed top-down targets of regional planning, centrally imposing development upon communities, built nothing but resentment. They will hang over communities no more.

“We have secured the abolition of every single strategy. We are committed to decentralising as much power as possible and these important and popular planning reforms will bring a significant shift in power to local people.”

Michael Wellock, Managing Director commenting on the demise of regional spatial strategies said:

“Almost three years on this almost comes a relief. In his wildest dreams Eric Pickles cannot have imagined things would have taken so long. But abolition does leave a big hole. We do need strategic planning. That hole now has to be filled by local planning authorities fulfilling their duty to co-operate.”

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