Arkholme Village Hall

Arkholme Village Hall

If you area a parish or town council you can now seek to be designated as neighbourhood planning areas.

This will allow you to prepare a neighbourhood plan.

To find out more read this guide, or call 01282 872570 to discuss how you go about seeking a neighbourhood planning designation for your parish or town council.

When applying for designation as a neighbourhood plan area parishes must apply to their local planning authority.

This application must include:

  • a map identifying the area to which the application relates;
  • a statement setting out why the area is considered appropriate as a neighbourhood plan area; and
  • a statement that the organisation is a “relevant body” i.e. a parish council.

What happens after submitting an application?

As soon as receiving an application from a parish council the local planning authority must publicise this on their web site, and  in other appropriate ways. They must also tell people who live in the area, and businesses, how they can make representations on the application. The period for making representations must last at least six weeks.

The local planning authority then have to decide whether to designate the parish as a neighbourhood planning area, or not. In both cases this decision has to be publicised.

So a much easier process than if you are a non-parished area. But if you are a parish seeking a neighbourhood plan designation remember that you will have to prepare a statement to support this course of action, this will be consulted on, and the final decision will rest with the local planning authority. 

Download a pdf of our guide Parishes: How to Become a Neighbourhood Planning Area.

If this Kirkwells’ Comment raises any issues for you on neighbourhood planning call Mick Wellock on 01282 872570, or email and Mick will be happy to discuss your problems and advise. 


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