Today (17th of September 2013) the Government announced a raft of new measures to support your “Grand Design” – the self build of your new home.

The measures include:

Providing new grant funding for community self-builders

Community self-build and community-led affordable housing projects will now be able to apply for a share of £65 million from the Government’s Affordable Homes Guarantees Programme to build the affordable homes they want in their area.

Working with councils to increase land for self-build plots

The Government will soon produce new planning practice guidance this will ensure councils establish the demand for self-build in their area, as well as take steps to help aspiring self-builders. This will include compiling a local register of people who want to build their own homes so they can be given first priority when new brownfield sites become available.

Removing unfair taxes from self-builders

New Council Tax discounts will be introduced for self-build family annexes, removing an unfair council tax penalty surcharge. Meanwhile, genuine self-builders will be exempted from paying inappropriate Section 106 tariffs and the community infrastructure levy, which will cut the cost of self-build by thousands of pounds.

Freeing up more redundant public sector land for self-builders

Finally, a review of the Homes and Communities Agency’s large number of smaller plots will identify those which are not viable for large-scale house building, but are perfect for small housing projects like self-build. More property asset data will be published online and the Community Right to Reclaim Land will be enhanced so self-builders can request redundant public sector land is released and sold for self-build projects.

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