Stroud District Council is consulting on the Pre-Submission Draft of the area’s Local Plan.

This is the last chance to comment on the planning policy for the whole District up to 2031 before submission to the Secretary of State.

The period for submission of representations will run for six weeks from Wednesday 4 September 2013 until Wednesday 16 October 2013.

All comments received will be submitted to the Secretary of State and considered as part of a public examination by an independent Planning Inspector. Representations at this stage should only be made to the legal compliance of the Local Plan and to the ‘soundness’ of the Local Plan. Representations should specify in what respect(s) the Plan is considered to be unsound, and what change(s) would need to be made to make it sound.

Do you need help to comment on the soundness and legal compliance of the Stroud Local Plan? Get if from the experts – call 01282 872570 or email.

Copies of the consultation documents are available here.



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