Trent and Mersey Canal

Trent and Mersey Canal – courtesy Horninglow and Eton PC

Kirkwells will be providing support on another of the Government’s neighbourhood planning frontrunners: Horninglow and Eton in Burton upon Trent.

In announcing the appointment Horninglow and Eton Parish Council Chairman Clive Burton said:

The neighbourhood planning process is very new to us all. Louise Kirkup and Michael Wellock from Kirkwells clearly have a lot of experience of this sort of work and they are patiently guiding us through it.  So far things are going well and we look forward to a positive outcome for Horninglow and Eton in due course.”

Horninglow and Eton are one of the Government’s frontrunner neighbourhood planning areas, and one of eleven neighbourhood planning frontrunners in East Staffordshire.

Kirkwells’ Policy Director, Louise Kirkup said:

“Kirkwells are assisting a number of areas, both urban and rural, with neighbourhood planning. It is probably fair to say, that the majority of first generation neighbourhood planning areas are rural, rather than urban. So it is an exciting opportunity to be working with Horninglow and Eton on the challenges presented for neighbourhood planning by an established urban area.”

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