This is one of the key questions groups ask themselves when thinking about preparing a neighbourhood plan?

And what an important question: given all the time and resources that could be taken up by a neighbourhood plan; especially when considered against all the other things town, parish councils and neighbourhood forums may want or have to do.

Kirkwells can help you answer this question and save time and money through our tailored one to one scoping sessions. Individually tailored to your council or group we explore with you all the key issues and help you to decide how they are best addressed.

  • Is this through a neighbourhood plan?
  • Or is this better done via some other route e.g. your local planning authority’s local plan?

If the answer to the first question is yes we then help you draw up an action plan for how you bring this about; and we help you decide on the scope and content of your neighbourhood plan.

If the answer is that your key issues are addressed via some other route, we help you decide what this is, and, again, advise you on the key actions you need to take to bring this about.

To find out more and book a session to help you decide how best to shape the future of your community email Michael or Louise or call:

01282 872570

Kirkwells are one of the country’s leading independent town planning consultants providing parish and town councils and neighbourhood groups with expert advice on neighbourhood planning.

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