View to Weedon Bec, DaventryIf you are a parish council, town council, or neighbourhood forum this question is probably at the top of your list. 

If are considering such a major piece of work, you want to go into this with your eyes open. Unfortunately there is not much information out there, and some of it is very misleading. We have seen cost ranges of £60,000-£100,000 bandied about. There may be one or two extremes out there that do cost so much, but, in general, neighbourhood plans will be prepared for much, much less than this.

OK. The overall figure for your neighbourhood plan will depend on complexity, size of the area, what skills you have to offer, and whether you are seeking a full package of support, or only support on part of your plan.

But with Kirkwells’ support you can have access to neighbourhood planning experts at a very reasonable cost.  To find out more about our neighbourhood plan support package, including sample prices, email Mick or Louise or call us on 01282 872570. Alternatively, we can discuss in more depth your neighbourhood and provide a full written fee quotation.


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