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Planning problems halting your business growth?

A survey of Federation of Small Business (FSB) members has found that small companies are “being held back from growing as quickly as they could by the ongoing failure of the planning system to allow them to grow”. According to the FSB survey 69 per cent of small businesses have to wait more than eight weeks for local authorities to decide on planning applications. half of those applying for planning permission feel that they have encountered an “overly protracted process and overly complex rules and processes”. And almost seven in 10 members feel property owners should be allowed to make a ‘change of use’ without needing planning permission. Small business owner? Suffering planning problems? Call 01282 872570 and let our team help your … Continue reading

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Get Britain Building Fund Extended

The Government’s Get Britain Building fund has been extended with an extra £100 million being made available for a second round of bids. Get Britain Building offers financial support to housing sites with planning permission for 15 units, or more, where development has stalled. The funding is offered as either a direct investment in the development in the form of a loan, or by the administers of the fund, the Homes and Communities Agency, taking an equity stake in the development. Funding sought should be no more than 50% of total project costs To access this funding opportunity developers must submit an Expression of Interest to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) by noon on the 25th of July 2012. The HCA … Continue reading

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Planning Appeals

Unfortunately things can sometimes go wrong and your planning application is refused. If this does happen Kirkwells can support you in making your planning appeal. Taking your original application we look at what went wrong and advise on the right course of action. And if we think an appeal would just be throwing good money after bad we will tell you. So if you have had a recent planning refusal and want an expert advice on making a planning appeal call: 01282 872570.

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Neighbourhood Plan Preparation, Support and Advice

    Neighbourhood planning is one of the cornerstones of the new planning system, and is already becoming a key tool for those parishes and community groups wanting to shape the future of their town or village. We know resources can be limited, so Kirkwells offer expert, friendly, independent advice at a special reduced fee rate to parish and town councils and neighbourhood fora. With Kirkwells you get the advice you need at a price you can afford. Working with you, and your local community, we put together a neighbourhood plan that is right for your area, has the support of local people, and helps guide future planning decisions. We can support you from start to finish in preparing your … Continue reading

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Plan for Stafford – Strategic Policy Choices

  THIS CONSULTATION HAS NOW CLOSED. DID YOU MISS THE DEADLINE? DOES THIS MEAN YOUR LAND AND PROPERTY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED IN RIBBLE VALLEY’S FUTURE PLANS? MAKE SURE YOU NEVER MISS OUT AGAIN. KIRKWELLS TRACK THE WORK OF ALL LOCAL PLANNING AUTHORITIES. THIS ENSURES OUR CLIENTS RECEIVE THE BEST UP TO THE MINUTE,  ACCURATE PLANNING ADVICE.   TO FIND OUT HOW WE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU CALL 01282 872570. Stafford Borough Council are consulting on the next 20 years of development in the Borough. ‘The Plan for Stafford Borough – Strategic Policy Choices’ looks at key strategic decisions for the area including levels of housing provision, the scale of development and distribution of growth at Stafford, Stone and Key … Continue reading

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Central Lancashire – First Post-NPPF Core Strategy

    The Central Lancashire Councils of Chorley, Preston and South Ribble have become the first to see their Core Strategy approved after the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework in March. Richard Hollox Inspector at the examination held in to the plan in June/July 2011 and March 2012 considered the plan sound with two major modifications. MM1 That annual average housing requirements are adopted – 507 for Preston City; 417 for Chorley and 417 for South Ribble Boroughs; The identification of Cottam as a strategic site, with site plan, not just as a strategic location; The identification of two additional strategic locations – North West Preston and South of Penwortham and North of Farington; A predicted scale of … Continue reading

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Opening the Way for new Housing in Daneshouse

Burnley councillors are to consider proposals for the compulsory purchase and demolition of a number of properties in the Daneshouse area. Kirkwells have been providing the council with advice on planning and compulsory purchase. The move will allow further redevelopment of the area and make way for new homes to be built in their place as part of the borough-wide housing regeneration plan. The properties being considered are on land broadly to the east of Abel Street and north of Hurtley Street. A planning application by the council’s development partner Gleeson Homes to redevelop this site with 133 homes was approved at the end of May, and the report going to this month’s Executive will enable this work to proceed. … Continue reading

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Need help to make your development sustainable?

The purpose of planning is to help achieve sustainable development. Sustainable means ensuring better lives for ourselves don’t mean worse lives for future generations. Development means growth. Are looking to grow your business in a sustainable way? Do you have a development proposal and need expert advice on sustainability issues? Call 01282 872570 to find out how we can help you. At Kirkwells we only do well planned, high quality sustainable development. The type of development we all want—development that creates great places. Whether that means redeveloping a difficult brownfield site, or protecting beautiful countryside. To help you make make your development sustainable we offer a range of services: Sustainable development advice to support your planning application Sustainability Appraisal Strategic Environmental … Continue reading

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First Neighbourhood Planning Forum Designated

Balshall Heath in Birmingham has become the first area in the country to be designated a neighbourhood forum with the responsibility for producing a neighbourhood plan. To find out more about how your area could also be designated to prepare a plan for your neighbourhood read our guide. If you are a parish download our guide on neighbourhood planning designation for parishes. Not sure if neighbourhood planning is right for your area? Unsure where to start? Need to find out more? Sign up for one of our neighbourhood planning training sessions. To find out more about how Kirkwells can help you with your neighbourhood plan download our Neighbourhood Planning leaflet. And for a flavour of our previous neighbourhood planning work click … Continue reading

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Derbyshire Dales Consults on Future Housing

Derbyshire Dales have started a six week consultation on where 4,400 new homes should be built up to 2028. The 4,400 new homes will be allocated in the forthcoming Derbyshire Dales Local Plan. To meet the target provisional distributions have been earmarked: 270 new homes in Matlock; 60 in Wirksworth; 160 in Darley Dale; 30 in Tansley; 400 in Ashbourne; 50 in Doveridge; and 50 in Brailsford As part of this consultation revised Settlement boundaries have also been identified. In principle within these boundaries development will be acceptable. Are you concerned about future housing in Derbyshire Dales? Need help understanding how this consultation affects you? Need help to make the best response to the Council? Call 01282 872570 , or Email … Continue reading

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