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Quicker, Simpler Neighbourhood Plans?

Planning Minister Nick Boles wants a quicker, simpler neighbourhood planning process. Hailing neighbourhood planning a “huge success” with over 800 neighbourhoods now pursuing neighbourhood plans Nick Boles now wants to speed up their preparation. In a speech to the Town and Country Planning Association reported in Planning Boles said the government wanted to look at “which bits of the process were unnecessary or over-long”. He went on: “We all recognise the full level of complexity is not suitable in every case. Is there an easier way of doing it? “We want to hear from people who have done it and come up with something that may be an alternative to the full-blown system or a change in the full-blown system. … Continue reading

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Gloucestershire: Planning Explored

Kirkwells take to the road again in December. On the 3rd, our merry band will be holding forth at a Conference in Gloucester organised by Gloucestershire Association of Town and Parish Councils (GAPTC). Kirkwells  will explore the basis of our current planning system. What is the National Planning Policy Framework and how should it work? What changes have taken place in planning, and what new guidelines should we know about? Where do Neighbourhood Plans and Development Orders fit in? How should Town and Parish Councils understand and use ‘the system’? With so many changes come and share learning and knowledge. PLUS you will also have an opportunity to meet your local planner and check out current issues and the progress … Continue reading

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Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013

The main change brought about by this legislation relates to Conservation Area Consent.  The need to obtain Conservation Area Consent for the demolition of an unlisted building in a conservation area in England will be removed.  Instead, such works will require planning permission. The need to obtain the consent of the local planning authority will therefore remain, but it will no longer be necessary to make two applications (one for planning permission and one for Conservation Area Consent) for a scheme involving the demolition and replacement of a building in a conservation area.  Other minor changes relate to listed buildings, certificates of immunity and statutory listing descriptions.  Need help with planning applications, listed buildings or other heritage issues call Claire … Continue reading

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Streamlining the Planning Appeals Process

The Town and Country Planning (Hearings and Inquiries Procedure) (England) (Amendment) Rules 2013 and the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Amendment No. 2) (England) Regulations 2013 (Listed Buildings Regulations 2013) both came into force on 1st October 2013. The main changes include  introduction of ‘common ground statements’ for hearings a mandatory requirement for all evidence to be provided prior to an inquiry, including a list of documents that parties intend to use to support their case the need for a full statement of case to be submitted (including appeal statements and supporting documents) during the six-month ‘window’ in which appeals can be made ability for the local authority to see the appellant’s full case before submitting their comments other … Continue reading

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