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Plan for Stafford – Strategic Policy Choices

  THIS CONSULTATION HAS NOW CLOSED. DID YOU MISS THE DEADLINE? DOES THIS MEAN YOUR LAND AND PROPERTY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED IN RIBBLE VALLEY’S FUTURE PLANS? MAKE SURE YOU NEVER MISS OUT AGAIN. KIRKWELLS TRACK THE WORK OF ALL LOCAL PLANNING AUTHORITIES. THIS ENSURES OUR CLIENTS RECEIVE THE BEST UP TO THE MINUTE,  ACCURATE PLANNING ADVICE.   TO FIND OUT HOW WE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU CALL 01282 872570. Stafford Borough Council are consulting on the next 20 years of development in the Borough. ‘The Plan for Stafford Borough – Strategic Policy Choices’ looks at key strategic decisions for the area including levels of housing provision, the scale of development and distribution of growth at Stafford, Stone and Key … Continue reading

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