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Neighbourhood Plan Designation: What Happens if we are not a Parish?

Town Planning heralded one of its most significant ever changes when on the 6th of April 2012 the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations came in to effect. These changes mean communities now have the power to plan and shape their neighbourhood. To find out more read on, or call Michael on 01282 872570. Much talk on neighbourhood planning has centred on existing parishes who are in the advantageous position of being already identified in the Localism Act as “relevant bodies” when seeking to be designated a neighbourhood planning area. But what about non-parished areas? Areas with, say neighbourhood forums, area boards, or some other less formal local decision-making structure. For non-parished areas there are additional requirements you will have to meet before … Continue reading

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Parish Councils: How to Apply for Designation as a Neighbourhood Plan Area

If you area a parish or town council you can now seek to be designated as neighbourhood planning areas. This will allow you to prepare a neighbourhood plan. To find out more read this guide, or call 01282 872570 to discuss how you go about seeking a neighbourhood planning designation for your parish or town council. When applying for designation as a neighbourhood plan area parishes must apply to their local planning authority. This application must include: a map identifying the area to which the application relates; a statement setting out why the area is considered appropriate as a neighbourhood plan area; and a statement that the organisation is a “relevant body” i.e. a parish council. What happens after submitting … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood Plans: Process, Process, Process

  What can the Dawlish Neighbourhood Plan, the first neighbourhood plan to go to examination tell us? Well if we were pressed to sum it up in a few words we would say “process, process, process”.  And as any of you who have attended our neighbourhood planning training will know the need to follow process has been one of the key points we have made. Failure to follow process could have serious repercussions. So what can the Dawlish Neighbourhood Plan examination tell us. Follow the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations Firstly, that if your ambition as a parish council, or neighbourhood forum, is to have your plan become part of the statutory development framework you must ensure you follow the Neighbourhood Planning … Continue reading

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First Neighbourhood Planning Forum Designated

Balshall Heath in Birmingham has become the first area in the country to be designated a neighbourhood forum with the responsibility for producing a neighbourhood plan. To find out more about how your area could also be designated to prepare a plan for your neighbourhood read our guide. If you are a parish download our guide on neighbourhood planning designation for parishes. Not sure if neighbourhood planning is right for your area? Unsure where to start? Need to find out more? Sign up for one of our neighbourhood planning training sessions. To find out more about how Kirkwells can help you with your neighbourhood plan download our Neighbourhood Planning leaflet. And for a flavour of our previous neighbourhood planning work click … Continue reading

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Kirkwells’ Neighbourhood Planning News June Issue Out Now

The latest issue of our Neighbourhood Planning News magazine is out now. Just click the download at the bottom of the page. In June’s issue you can read about: Community Right to Build Orders; The first successful Portas Pilots; Solving the referendum question; Neighbourhood Planning in Buckingham, Daws Hill, and Dawlish; Launch of the RTPI’s Planning Aid’s Neighbourhood Planning Forum; and Neighbourhood Planning Designation for non-parished areas. Download Kirkwells’ Neighbourhood Planning News Issue 2 June 2012 Final Version, or subscribe. To find out more about how we can support your neighbourhood plan call 01282 872570.    ©Kirkwells Town Planners and Sustainable Development Consultants based at the Lancashire Digital Technology Centre in Burnley www.kirkwells.co.uk Research • Planning Policy • Site Search • … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood Planning: First Forum and Parish Applications?

In what would appear to be a first the Norland Conservation Society in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) has applied to become the first neighbourhood forum under the Localism Act. And hot on their heels are Faringdon in the Vale of White Horse vying to become the first parished area to be officially designated a neighbourhood planning area. The Norland Conservation Society is also among wave 5 of the Government’s frontrunners, but unless you know better, even among this select band, this is the first fully fledged application we have come across under the new system.  The Norland consultation is going to run until the 22nd of May 2012, and the Faringdon until 31st of May 2012. … Continue reading

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