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Land Banking Costs Investors £200 million

  The Financial Services Authority estimates land banking has cost investors £200 million. Land banking schemes involve land owners dividing up their land and selling plots on to investors – with the hope that these plots will have significant development value. Unfortunately many of these plots are in areas where development, even in the very long term, is unlikely to happen. this is because they are in Green Belt and other areas protected by UK planning policy. As a result UK authorities have shut down many of these scams. To avoid being a victim of such a scam seek independent planning advice from RTPI chartered town planners. If you are looking to invest in land and want to avoid being … Continue reading

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Birmingham Consults on Development Plan Options

To plan for Birmingham’s growing population the city council have kick started consultations on a new development plan. Any one interested in the future of Birmingham now has until the 14th of January 2013 to comment on development options for the future of the city. The City Council calculates there will be a shortfall in housing land of some 30,000 units if only urban sites are considered. The City Council are also looking to increase employment land supply. As a result the option of developing land currently designated as Green Belt is being considered. The areas being considered are shown below. If the Birmingham Plan affects you make sure your views are taken in to account get expert help from RTPI … Continue reading

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Last Chance to Comment on Controversial West Lancashire Local Plan

Affected by future development in West Lancashire? You have until the 5th of October 2012 to comment on the West Lancashire Local Plan. The West Lancashire Local Plan caused some controversy last year due to its greenfield allocations. Now West Lancashire Council, in setting out how the area will develop up to 2027, has embarked on a final consultation that carries forward a number of these greenfield development proposals, including: a strategic site at Yew Tree Farm, Burscough – where 500 homes will be built and land is safeguarded for 500 more; safeguarded land for housing should market conditions improve; provision for 75 hectares of employment land, including extension of the Burscough industrial estate in to the Green Belt; and … Continue reading

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Trafford Consults on Land Allocations

  Trafford Council in Greater Manchester is consulting on future land allocations. The land allocations consultation is the next stage in the Council’s preparation of a new Local Plan for Trafford. The consultation document Shaping the Plan will: Identify and prioritise the sites necessary to meet the sustainable needs of the borough Identify the natural and built assets which should be protected/enhanced Identify the key design, environmental and infrastructure requirements for allocated sites Ensure that new development is delivered within an identified timescale Shaping the Plan builds from Trafford Core Strategy’s division of the Borough in to ten places, and seeks to meet the needs of these communities, as set out in the Spatial Profile and Place Objective sections of the Core Strategy. … Continue reading

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Northumberland Issues and Options Consultation

Northumberland County Council are consulting on the Issues and Options stage of their Core Strategy. Need help with this consultation? Call 01282 872570. Until the 15th of August 2012 views are being sought on the document that will set out the spatial strategy for Northumberland over the next 15 years. The Issues and Options document poses a series of questions. Should strategic development continue with the existing approach, plan for lower rates of development, or have targeted increases in development? Should the spatial distribution of development be concentrated in key settlements, be more dispersed, or concentrated in key settlements plus targeted growth? If the latter is chosen this would mean additional growth and development would be focused in Blyth, Cramlington, Ashington … Continue reading

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Ribble Valley Consults on Core Strategy

THIS CONSULTATION HAS NOW CLOSED. DID YOU MISS THE DEADLINE? DOES THIS MEAN YOUR LAND AND PROPERTY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED IN RIBBLE VALLEY’S FUTURE PLANS? MAKE SURE YOU NEVER MISS OUT AGAIN. KIRKWELLS TRACK THE WORK OF ALL LOCAL PLANNING AUTHORITIES. THIS ENSURES OUR CLIENTS RECEIVE THE BEST UP TO THE MINUTE,  ACCURATE PLANNING ADVICE.   TO FIND OUT HOW WE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU CALL 01282 872570. Controversy has raged about the future locations for new housing in the Ribble Valley Core Strategy. In April, the Council finally decided on a preferred option. This is now out for consultation until the 15th of June. The preferred option of the Core Strategy proposes: The majority of new housing development … Continue reading

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